Sponsor A Meal 2011 is The Perfect Gift

November 28, 2010  

Fact: Christmas is coming. Fact:There are relatives/ friends you just don’t know what to buy for Christmas. Solution: “Sponsor-A-Meal” for Come For Supper!

When you sponsor a meal, you are helping someone less fortunate get a hot meal and usually another meal to take home. With this gift, you are expressing the love and appreciation towards that special relative/friend while at the same time giving the same gift of love/appreciation towards someone you don’t even know. What could make a better Christmas gift?

When you “Sponsor A Meal”, you will receive a professional grade linen card with the name of the recipient (In Honor of -or- In Memory of) and sponsor level printed on the inside of the card along with a matching envelope. Here are the different levels you can sponsor a meal:

$10.00 Beverage
$25.00 Appetizer
$50.00 Soup de Jour
$100.00 Main Entrée
$250.00 Creme Brulee
$500.00 Celebration

There will be a table set up by the fellowship hall during the holidays for the purchase of your sponsorship gift. You may also purchase them from Nance Klapper, Gretchen Crary, or Rod Tisthammer. They will also answer any questions and/or concerns.

Have a GREAT Christmas Season!