The executive committee of Our Savior’s met Sunday May 17th. At that meeting the following decisions were made in response to the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling, canceling the state “Stay at Home” order.

  1. Our Savior’s will continue to remain closed to most activities. This decision is in line with the recommended process for re-opening states that the federal Center for Disease Control originally prepared. The Wisconsin Bounce Back plan is based on that process. The Wisconsin Council of Churches has recommendations based on that process. Our La Crosse Area Synod has guidelines for re-opening based on that process.
    We will remain closed to most activity until our area is in compliance with CDC recommendations.
  2. Worship will continue online. All participating congregations have agreed to this. We do not have a deadline for ending this in sight. We will watch health trends. That data will determine when and how we re-open worship services. Until then we continue to stream Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.
  3. The church office will remain in lock-down. You can meet with Lois, if needed, by appointment only. If you make an appointment, please wear a mask when you enter the building and keep it on throughout your meeting. Lois will not meet with you in her office but in another, more sterile space. She will wear a mask during your meeting, as will any staff member you make an appointment to meet with. Please do not drop in to meet with any staff people.
  4. Small groups (less than 10 people) will be allowed to meet by appointment only. You must schedule your meeting time by calling Lois at the church office. We will ask each group to reserve a room appropriate to the size of the group. We ask people attending the meeting to social distance (6 feet spacing). We ask the people attending the meeting to sanitize everything they have touched or used (tables, chairs, light switches, etc.) prior to leaving the building. Items will be provided for sanitizing. We will then give that space a 72 hour period for air contaminants to settle and neutralize.
  5. Staff and volunteers have been placed on travel restrictions. They are not to go further than 30 miles from the La Crosse area. If they do they will need to isolate for 14 days before returning to Our Savior’s.
  6. People in at-risk categories are asked to stay safely at home from small group activities. We love you and don’t want you to get sick.
  7. If you have a fever or feel ill, please stay home. The synod advises that church staff stay home if they have a fever. They cannot return to work until the fever has passed for 72 hours.
  8. Come for Supper will continue to serve Tuesday night meals as carry-outs only. Friday has been discontinued.
  9. The Women’s Clothes Closet hopes to re-open in early June. This will be dependent on a procedure for best practices being put in place that protects staff, volunteers, and clients.
  10. Our “church” is not our building! We continue to be a church even as we live out our call to share the good news of God’s love from and in our homes. This is difficult for us all. We miss each other!!! When you think of someone you miss, take a moment to send that person a card or give that person a call. If you need an address or a phone number give Lois a call. She’d be glad to help. In that light, if you DO NOT want your address or phone number given to another member, please let Lois know so she can protect your privacy.
  11. We are living in one another’s hearts. God is with us there. Please stay safe and stay hopeful.

Pastor Joanne

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