Altar Guild

Behind the scenes of every church service is the preparation of the church and altar areas. A dedicated committee works every week to put out the flowers, fill the eternal and altar candles, place the correct paraments for the season, and set up for the sacrament of Holy Communion. This committee is also responsible for the caring of the communion service wear, paraments, and linens used.

Other Altar Guild committees help make any new banners, clean the brass, and clean the robes and chasubles used by the acolytes and pastors. Baptismal napkins are hand-stitched and given to the newly baptized. Recently two new linen communion veils were hand-stitched. We welcome all members of Our Savior’s to consider joining any group and help Altar preparation needs.


Secretary Sue Staples

Making Baptismal Towels Lois Losby

Cleaning Candelabras & Missal Stands Volunteers as needed

Ordering Altar Guild Supplies (Candles, Wine, Wafers, etc.)

Cheryl Vieth
Sue Staples
Carol Miller  

Altar Guild – Group I

March 2024, August 2024, January 2025

Bev Burand
Lois Losby
Barb Clark
Barb Bahr

Altar Guild – Group II

April 2024, September 2024, February 2025

Sue Staples (Chair)
Debbie Dukatz
Chris Krueger
Jordan & Sara Weeks, Emerick and Kenzie

Altar Guild – Group III

May 2024, October 2024, March 2025

Carol Miller (Chair)
Connie Garson
Kim Grapes
Deb Wollin

Altar Guild – Group IV

June 2024, November 2024, April 2025

Cheryl Vieth (Chair)
Cindy Vieth

Altar Guild – Group V

February 2024, July 2024, December 2024

Colleen Pitz (Chair)
Rachel Balow
Deb Wold
Linda Baher
Nancy Davidson


Communion Bread & Wine

Holy Communion will be served by Pastor Joanne and two deacons.  We will continue present practice of using wafers rather than home baked bread for now.  I think each group has experience with again using walking communion.

To be sure we are working from the same page; each Sunday will require 1 paten (plate), 2 large chalices, 2 flagons (wine decanters), 2 distribution cloths (don’t want to spill wine), 1 pyx (the wafer container) with about 70 wafers, and 3 small chalices.  Cheddar goldfish are for those who have not had communion instruction. Use one of the plastic communion sets we have used in the past.  The same goes for gluten free crackers. Care must be taken as Pastor Joanne received a celiac diagnosis.

In addition to having the silver communion ware on the credence table on the altar; we prepare 9 wine and 9 grape juice kits (plastic cups, wine and wafer separated, with one cover) placed on the narthex table near the bulletins. There is an oval tray on top of the cabinet, or maybe in the cabinet. Grape Juice is in the kitchen refrigerator.

Gluten Free Wafers

Please wash your hands before and after putting wafers in the pyx!

Those who are allergic can have severe reactions to gluten, from the regular wafers or bread.

Communion Clean-up Reminder

After the service, the wine remaining in the large Chalices, small chalices/cups, and wine left in the flagon (decanter) may be poured back into the wine bottle.

If the trash is full, please take it to the kitchen and put it in one of the large garbage cans.