Sponsor-A-Meal is a Perfect Holiday Gift Idea

November 13, 2009  

Christmas is coming!

Are there relatives or friends on your holiday list that are impossible to buy for? Why not “Sponsor-A-Meal” for Come For Supper? With this gift, you are expressing the love and appreciation towards that special relative/friend while at the same time giving the same gift of love/appreciation towards someone you don’t even know. What could make a better gift?

When you “Sponsor A Meal”, you will receive a professional-grade linen card with the name of the recipient (In Honor of – or- In Memory of) and sponsor level printed on the inside of the card along with a matching envelope. Here are the different levels you can sponsor a meal:

$10.00 Beverage
$25.00 Appetizer
$50.00 Soup de Jour
$100.00 Main Entree
$250.00 Creme Rue Le
$500.00 Celebration Feast

There is a table set up by the fellowship hall showing the different levels available along with a sample of the gift card you will be able to give. You may purchase your “Sponsor-A-Meal” gifts from Nance Klapper, Gretchen Crary, Rod Tisthammer or the church office. They will also be able to answer any questions about the Sponsor-A-Meal program. Thank You!