October’s Book Club Selection: Peace Like a River

August 26, 2009  

Set in the Minnesota countryside and North Dakota Badlands of the early 1960s, Peace Like a River is a moving, engrossing, beautifully told story about one family’s quest to retrieve its most wayward member. Reuben Land, the novel’s asthmatic and self-effacing eleven-year-old narrator, recounts an unforgettable journey riddled with outlaw tales, heartfelt insights, and bona fide miracles. Born without air in his lungs, Reuben is keenly aware of the gift of breath—and, by extension, the gift of life. Time and again, both gifts are bestowed on Reuben by his father, a gentlemanly soul who works as a school janitor and has the power—and faith—to bestow true miracles. When the family is threatened by two evil high school boys, events escalate and their lives seem to have worsened beyond the aid of miracles. Or have they? When the family set out on their journey, the reader eventually witnesses rivers, plains, and city lights unseen by mortal eyes. Equal parts tragedy, romance, adventure yarn, and meditation, Peace Like a River is an inspired story of family love, religious faith, and the lifelong work and trust required of both.

The Book Club will meet to discuss this captivating book on Monday, October 19th at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.