Contributor’s Guide to Funds

General FundThis is the fund that supports general operations of the church including staff salaries, utilities, and maintenance.
Mission SupportContributions to these funds support activities outside of Our Saviors. Gifts to this fund without designation go to support our local and national synods. Those with a specific designation will go to support the designated cause.
Capital Campaign 2020This fund supports the many major, capital projects included in the Built on Tradition. Embracing the Future. campaign. If a pledge has been made to the campaign, this contribution will be credited toward that pledge.
Campus MinistryFunds contributed support the La Crosse Lutheran Campus Ministry program located in the Common Ground Campus Ministry building near the UW-L campus.
Causeway These contributions go to Causeway Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers, a local program connecting people with needs and volunteer caregivers.
Come for Supper For over 20+ years Our Savior's has provided a free meal every Tuesday to anyone in the community. Gifts here support both operational and equipment expenses for Come for Supper
Emergency Help Fund (2nd Offering) These funds allow Our Savior's to meet one time emergent needs of individuals seeking our assistance, typically to help them solve a personal crisis. Every other month we also take a 2nd offering in church to support this fund.
Hunger Task Force Funds collected here go to the Hunger Task Force, a source of food for local food pantries and our own Come for Supper.
Memorial If you wish to make a contribution as a tribute to someone who recently passed away, you may do so here indicating the cause you wish to support. Undesignated memorials are used to support major projects at the church as determined by the church council.
Sugar Creek Bible Camp Funds designated for Sugar Creek Bible Camp support our region's Lutheran Bible camp near Ferryville, WI.
Sunday School These contributions support the Sunday School program at Our Savior's.
Ulvilden Seminary Scholarship Fund Since the 1960s Our Savior's has had a scholarship to support members choosing to attend seminary in honor of Pastor Ulvilden. We currently have one member in seminary eligible for support.
WAFER Our Savior's has a long tradition of supporting WAFER the largest food pantry in La Crosse County and La Crescent. It was founded down the street at our neighbor, St. Paul's Lutheran, when it was known as West Avenue Food Emergency Resource (WAFER).
Women's Clothes Closet (WCC)The Women's Clothes Closet provides gently used clothing to women, especially those who are entering or are in the workforce.
World Hunger (ELCA)Funds contributed go to the ELCA's hunger program addressing the needs of the hungry around the world and domestically.
Youth Ministry/Mission TripsContributions to this fund support our youth ministry and their annual mission trips.
OtherContributions here may be directed to any Our Savior's project or ministry not listed above. Undesignated contributions in this line are currently being assigned to the Capital Campaign 2020.