Bible Sunday 2011 is September 11th

July 28, 2011  

Our three-year-olds and third grade Sunday school students will be receiving age-appropriate Bibles during worship on Sunday, Sept. 11th.

Bible Sunday is a very important part of our ministry to teach the faith to the children of Our Savior’s. It is important because we teach that growing in our faith is an ongoing process and is much deeper than what can be learned during the sermon and at worship services. As Christians, our faith journey is never complete for we are always learning more about our Lord and faith through life-long experiences and growth.

When a child receives their own Bible, it helps grow a passion for learning more about Jesus and his teachings. When children begin reading their Bible, they are changed. They begin speaking about their faith and become closer to God.

Bible Sunday is a life-changing event for many families. Parent/guardians are an integral part of the ceremony and personally hand the Bible to their child completing a promise made at baptism to place in their hands the holy scriptures. The Bibles are a gift from the congregation to assist parents and guardians in keeping the promises made in baptism.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Zinniel, Sunday School Superintendent.