Rev. Vern Skarstad Added To OSLC Visitation Pastor Staff

February 11, 2011  

Our church council has contracted for additional hours of visitation with Rev. Vern Skarstad of Holmen. He pastors Bell’s Coulee Lutheran Church, north of Hwy. 16 between West Salem and Bangor, but only on Sunday. He will now add hours during the week here to offer pastoral care to our members in their homes.

We can’t introduce him on Sundays due to his church responsibilities, but we all will meet him during Lenten mid-week services. Rev. Skarstad retired to Holmen with wife Elaine after last serving as counseling pastor at Atonement Lutheran, Florissant (St. Louis), Missouri. They are active members of Holmen Lutheran Church. Welcome him when he calls on you. And let our church office know if you desire a pastoral visit.