“Got Bible?” Resumes on Sunday, January 9th

December 29, 2010  

Throughout the ELCA, congregations are united in a renewed emphasis to help all our members speak clearly using our first language of faith. This language comes from the Holy Scriptures and our faithful engagement with God’s Word which has enriched and guided the family of God through the centuries.

For this first part of 2011, we are learning about the contents of the various books of the Bible. Our study is call “The Greatest Story: Bible Introduction”. A companion book costing $13.00 is highly encouraged. They can be purchased when you attend.

Everyone has a story. They shape us and define us. In this study we will embark on a journey that starts at the very beginning of God’s good creation and then quickly goes into the tragedies of a fallen humanity. We will be introduced to our family of faith, very human stories of struggling with sin and evil, and God’s persistent efforts to reconcile with God’s rebellious people. The story continues on through the surprise of God’s answer in Jesus, the appearance of the Holy Spirit, the seeds of Christian faith in a new church, and Church witnessing in Jesus’ name. That means we are part of this story!

If you miss a Sunday, come on Wednesday. Or come when you can. We invite all our high school and adult members to join in this time of learning even more about the very basis of our Christian faith. Of course, you are invited to bring friends from other communities of faith, or of no faith. The course content will fit persons of all backgrounds.

Our 2011 Schedule is:

January 9th and 12th “The Story”: Introducing the Bible
January 16th and 19th “Beginnings”: Genesis
January 23rd and 26th “God’s People on the Move”: Exodus – Deuteronomy
Jan. 30th and Feb. 2nd “Getting Settled”: Joshua – Ruth
February 6th and 9th “Kings and Kingdoms”: Samuel – Chronicles

We continue on until Ash Wednesday, and then pick up our studies after Easter. Join us, especially if you have never been in a Bible study before!