Steve Marking Hired as New Choir Director/Music Coordinator

August 30, 2010  

We are pleased to announce that Steve Marking has accepted our position of Vocal Music Coordinator and has started to plan for the fall. We welcome him on board!

Steve is a Holmen resident, a Viterbo grad who sang here at OSLC as a student with Byron Blackmore, and went on to do graduate work at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. He was a founding member of the Lyric Opera Company of New York, and has lived in upstate New York for some years, where he has over 10 years experience directing church choirs. Steve has now returned to Brice Prairie.

He is a professional singer who does concerts in styles ranging from Sinatra to opera. He hopes to help us develop a praise service over time, and enlarge our choir participation. Steve is known as an excellent and patient teacher, helping people exceed their goals with new vocal techniques. He is also teaching vocal students at Studio di Canto in Onalaska with his friend Dean Stude Witz and has recently taken a leadership role with the Coulee Region Gospel Choir.