Church Council Looking For Key Leadership in 2010

January 15, 2010  

As OSLC  approaches its annual meeting on January 31st, three positions need the right persons to fill them: congregational treasurer, stewardship committee chair, and Christian education chairperson.

  • Congregational Treasurer: Our hired bookkeeper does check writing and reconciliations, so the treasurer signs checks and stays on top of our financial reports and transactions.
  • Stewardship Committee Chairperson: This position is backed by a multiple of stewardship materials available for monthly usage from our ELCA, so we are looking forward to having someone able to access this material on line, and lead our public discussions throughout the year on how we use God’s gifts among us.
  • Christian Education Chairperson:  This position not only involves Sunday School, but youth and adult life-long learning.

Anyone interested, please contact  Becky Grapes or Rod Tisthammer. Thank you!