Confirmation Orientation September 9th

August 22, 2009  

On Wednesday, September 9th, there will be a start-up meeting with all new Confirmation students and parents. Any new confirmands, 3rd grade and any older grade, with parents/guardians will meet at 6:30 pm.
All 10th graders and parents/guardians will meet at 7:15 pm. This will include all First Communion students 3rd grade and older, and any other students between 3rd and 9th grade who wish to join our program. All high schoolers and interested parents/guardians will meet at 8:00 pm to hear about the 2010 Summer Mission Trip.

For returning students, a parent/child meeting will begin each session. The yearly schedule will be mailed to all at the beginning of September.

Our First Communion sessions start on Wed. September 16th, 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm, and the Sacrament will
be received on All Saints Sunday, November 1st. Anyone third grade and older who is not yet receiving
Holy Communion is invited to come to these confirmation classes.