Help Send Our Youth to New Orleans

July 17, 2009  

Help send our Youth to New Orleans in two special ways!

In Jackson Square, the crossroads of New Orleans’ French Quarter, there will be a big kettle to fill with quarters. Our goal as an ELCA Youth Gathering is a ONE MILLION DOLLAR offering to combat hunger. That equals $30 per youth attendee. Thank you for your gifts this Sunday!

Could you be a prayer partner for one of our youth (Nylan Hynek, Tom Dereszynski, Ariel Watson, Brittney Dolan, Elise Hynek, and Brittany Taylor)? We ask for members to send the group, along with adult leaders Jessica Zinniel and Pastor Jolivette, with daily prayers. Put your name and prayer partner on a pew card on Sunday, and remember to read our blog, which will be updated daily on our website. Thank you!