Pentecost 17 – Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1, 2017  

Philippians 2:1-13 & Matthew 21:23-32

Dialogue Sermon


“What do you think?”

What does it mean when I ask the question?

So… what DO you think?

About the gospel, first.

(Other questions: What do we know about the temple, about chief priests and elders? About John? About prostitutes and Tax collectors?)

What do we know about Paul’s letter to the Philippians?

Look at what Paul wrote… what is he saying about Jesus?

Now combine these two readings…

What do these readings say to us, today, about what it means to be a Christian?

What do you think?

Humility +

Trust (in God) +

Belief (in Jesus as the Son of God) =

Our Call as Christians


Once again, It’s not about us!

It is about God working through us to share God’s love with the world.

That’s the message J.C. brought to the world.

That’s the message that Religious leaders of the time refused to hear/belief.